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The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (ISP-1617-06-001)
Recyclable type processed: Food Waste
Encouraging recycling is one of the main ways to process waste due to insufficient land space available for waste disposal. The food waste recycling industry has been facing the lack of food waste collection from the catering industry. The project will conduct a pilot scheme for the centralized food waste collection system in the catering industry, so as to test the technology of the system and the feasibility of operation enhancement for the food waste recycling industry. Read more…


Environmental Association Limited (ISP-1718-07-003)
Recyclable type processed: PET bottles and Aluminium cans
The project aims to develop a pilot scheme to establish several automated Resource Recycling Centres and an Electronic Points Reward System, and to collect recycling data from these centres.  The project will also share the key technology, operation know-how and data analysis with stakeholders in the recycling industry, and thus enhance the industry’s capability and efficiency. Read more…


Occupational Safety and Health Council (ISP-1920-15-008)
Recyclable processed: All types of recyclables
In this 4-year “Enhanced occupational safety and health (OSH) scheme for recycling industry”, recycling enterprises would be accredited as “OSH Star Recycling Enterprise” or “OSH Progressive Recycling Enterprise” if they have met the relevant requirements and passed the safety assessment, and receive a rebate of 40 to 60% of their employee compensation insurance premium. Read more…


The ADM Capital Foundation Limited (ISP-1920-16-007)
Recyclable processed: Plastic beverage bottles
To establish a waste beverage bottle collection network among street corner shop recyclers, mobile recyclers and informal collectors through an economic incentive scheme with an aim to enhance the recycling rate of waste beverage bottle and improve the quality of the waste beverage bottles collected.  Read more…
Top Step Development Ltd. (ESP-1516-015)
Recyclable processed: Food waste
The project collected and treat 6,400 additional tonnes of starch food waste as animal feed in 24 months by enhancing collection and treatment capacity of starch food waste through increasing manpower and a transportation vehicle.   Read more…
Hong Kong Waste Association Limited (ISP-1718-07-001)
Recyclable processed: Food waste
The project is to develop a cloud-based data management system to facilitate the management of food waste collection logistics and hence minimise the transportation cost. The system also enhances the analysis of food waste collection data. The system has been applied to collect and deliver food waste generated from restaurants at various districts to Organic Resources Recovery Centre (O‧PARK). Read more…
Conservation E3 Foundation Limited (ISP-1819-14-002)
Recyclable type processed: beverage cartons
The project is to conduct a pilot study on the recycling of beverage cartons by applying reverse vending machines (RVMs), mobile apps, geographic information system and an intelligent collection network.  Through the installation of 25 RVMs in local communities, the project aims to raise the awareness of local citizens in the recycling of beverage cartons and encourage their active participation. Read more…
Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (ISP-1920-17-002)
Recyclable processed: Paper, plastics, metals and food waste
The project is to establish a new sustainable business model for the recycling industry in green event management, particularly on the facilitation of waste reduction and recycling for organisers of upcoming green events across the territory. It will include the development of an electronic platform to enhance business opportunities, establishment of an incentive programme (e-Green Voucher System), provision of advisory and support for recycling industry and other stakeholders in green events, production of a best practice guidebook on green event management for recycling industry, development of an Award Scheme, and provision of information about recycling at green events to the recycling trade and public, planning and implementation support on waste reduction and recycling initiatives for events through the incentive programme. Read more…
Greeners Action Company Limited (ISP-1819-13-003)
Recyclable processed: Plastic waste
To collect 5 different types of sorted plastic waste i.e. waste plastic bags, courier bags, packaging films, lunch boxes and plastic beverage bottles (which belong to plastic code 1, 4 & 5) from 50 no. of commercial and industrial buildings and delivered them to a central collection point for further sorting, compression and temporary storage.  This project would explore a new business model for recyclers on plastics recyclables collection. Read more…

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