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Case Sharing

Environmental Association Limited


Recyclable type processed: PET bottles and Aluminium cans

The project aims to develop a pilot scheme to establish several automated Resource Recycling Centres and an Electronic Points Reward System, and to collect recycling data from these centres. The project will also share the key technology, operation know-how and data analysis with stakeholders in the recycling industry, and thus enhance the industry’s capability and efficiency.

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


Recyclable type processed: Food Waste

Encouraging recycling is one of the main ways to process waste due to insufficient land space available for waste disposal. The food waste recycling industry has been facing the lack of food waste collection from the catering industry. The project will conduct a pilot scheme for the centralized food waste collection system in the catering industry, so as to test the technology of the system and the feasibility of operation enhancement for the food waste recycling industry.

Occupational Safety and Health Council


Recyclable processed: All types of recyclables

In this 4-year “Enhanced occupational safety and health (OSH) scheme for recycling industry”, recycling enterprises would be accredited as “OSH Star Recycling Enterprise” or “OSH Progressive Recycling Enterprise” if they have met the relevant requirements and passed the safety assessment, and receive a rebate of 40 to 60% of their employee compensation insurance premium.