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Project Monitoring Process

The successful applicant is required to sign a funding agreement or undertaking with the Government and to comply with all the terms and conditions of the agreement or undertaking, Guide to application and the instructions and correspondences issued by the Secretariat or the Government from time to time in respect of the project or the Programme.

An approved project has to be carried out strictly in accordance with the funding agreement or undertaking. Any modification, amendment or addition to the project of the funding agreement or undertaking, including but not limited to change of project duration, project scope, budget or replacement of the project coordinator or deputy project coordinator, shall require prior written approval by the Secretariat or Government. Reasons with supporting documents for the changes must be provided.

The applicant should set out in the application form the key performance indicators for assessing the effectiveness of the project and also state specifically how to evaluate the effectiveness of the project. The focus of both the key performance indicators and the methodology should be on the outcome and impact of the project, and these should be measured quantifiably as far as possible.