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Projects from New and Start-up Enterprises

List of Approved Projects – Projects from New and Start-up Enterprises
(As at 31 March 2024​) 

    Applicants Project Summary Approximate Approved Amount (HKD) Project Duration (Months)
    To conduct a pilot study for digitization process in collection of recyclables in traditional recycling industry.  Read more… $420,000 15
    Aerosim (HK) Limited
    To upcycle the used vehicle interior parts as a driving simulation device for STEM education.  Read more… $500,000 12
    BeeFlo Limited
    To develop 2 units of advanced RVM with additional advanced functions. Read more… $338,000 12
    Carbon World Limited
    To develop 2 units of advanced RVM with additional advanced functions. Read more… $500,000 18
    Closed Loop Sustainable Solutions Limited
    To set up a small-scale production system in Hong Kong to produce countertop of school desk by using waste paper cup. Read more… $500,000 12
    Dress Green Limited
    To collect old uniform from schools and upcycle them by making school souvenirs and holding workshops. Read more… $500,000 18
    Ecopia (Hong Kong) Limited
    To design and develop a smart food waste system which comprises of a collection machine and a cloud server system to record food waste collection habit. Data collected helps better management in food waste collection. Read more… $500,000 24
    FonFair Technology Limited
    To foster a new business model for recycling used mobile devices in Hong Kong by creating an integrated solution to provide automated check-up, appraisal, data destruction and data transfer for mobile devices, enabling charities and commercial enterprises in Hong Kong to engage in the donation of used mobile devices. Read more… $500,000 18
    Letsapp Limited
    To create a new B2B waste recycling platform, RecycleGood, enabling resource sharing for recycling involving 3 parties: waste collection requesters, waste recyclers, and logistics service providers. Read more… $490,000 21
    Ocean Pacific Century Limited
    To collect the used shoes then upcycle them to repaired shoes by using environment-friendly or durable materials. Read more… $500,000 18
    To design and develop a PET bottle recycling machine to remove caps and labels, and sort and shred PET bottles into flakes automatically. Read more… $350,000 24
    RAAW Limited
    To scale up recycling and upcycling of felled trees and landscape wastage due to typhoon, aging, and development works into commercial timber, furniture and art installations with industrial equipment and associated manpower. Read more… $500,000 12
    Rooftop Republic Co. Limited
    To develop and install an IoT smart sensor-and-action system with data processing to composting facilities, in order to enhance composting monitoring and control. Read more… $490,000 12
    Sustainable Office Solutions Limited
    To create a digital platform to increase the efficiency in management of used office furniture and regulated waste electrical and electronic equipment and facilitate the preparation work for Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reports. Read more… $500,000 12
    The Wasted Company Limited
    To upcycle collected waste wood to furniture. During the manufacturing process, epoxy resin will be mixed with the wood waste to enhance the durability of the fabricated furniture and create trendy pattern. Read more… $500,000 12
    To develop an electric vehicle lithium battery testing & sorting system to evaluate the characteristics and performance of the electric vehicle waste battery so as to convert suitable waste battery into reusable product i.e. power bank Read more… $500,000 30
    Two Girls Studio Company
    To collect the waste paper from nearby commercial, industrial and residential buildings then upcycle them to different types of handmade recycled paper products. Read more… $500,000 24
    Work, Sheet. Studio Limited
    To set up a small-scale production system in Hong Kong to produce pulp-panels or fiber-tiles by using waste-paper pulp and other waste materials. Read more… $500,000 18
    Youguo Technologies Limited
    To develop a mechanical module to recycle leftover juice pulp in juice vending machine. The leftover juice pulp will then be used for cooking or making snacks by the collaborating restaurants. Read more… $500,000 24

     (The list is arranged in alphabetical order of the applicant’s name.)

    The above list of approved projects excludes those already withdrawn and terminated by the successful applicants.