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Project Details

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Project Details
Project Details
Reference No. ISP-1718-07-001
Applicants Hong Kong Waste Association Limited
Summary of Project Results

The project is to develop a cloud-based data management system to facilitate the management of food waste collection logistics and hence minimise the transportation cost. The system also enhances the analysis of food waste collection data. The system has been applied to collect and deliver food waste generated from restaurants at various districts to Organic Resources Recovery Centre (O‧PARK).

The major tasks of this project include:
• Organising an opening ceremony
• Preparing the project website for restaurants, food waste collectors and all interested parties
• Preparing the Charter Handbook of Proper Operation of Food Waste Collection and Delivery for restaurants and food waste collectors for free download
• Preparing promotional materials
• Supporting food waste collectors to join the Food Waste Collector Registration Scheme developed by Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency
• Developing a data system for data collection and recording to be applied in food waste collection programme while collecting food waste from restaurants for delivery to O.Park
• Preparing an evaluation report

Project Deliverables Case Sharing: Enhance operation of recycling logistic collection: Application of a dada management system in a pilot study on logistic arrangement for food waste collection (In Chinese Only)
Commencement Date 02-Apr-2019
Completion Date 01-Dec-2021
Project Duration (Months) 32
Approximate Approved Amount (HKD) $5,840,000
Type(s) of Recyclables Food waste
Target Quantity Processed(1)(2)(3)(tonnes) 1,100

(1) Target quantity processed refers to the quantity of recyclables expected to be collected for the whole project.
(2) The figures are rounded to the nearest hundred.
(3) Some Industry Support Programmes aim to enhance the overall capability and productivity of the recycling industry, including providing training courses to enhance the skills of recycling practitioners, enhancing safety and health standards and certification/ registration schemes, developing guidelines and setting up economic incentive schemes, etc., and therefore no target quantity processed was set.