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Project Details
Project Details
Reference No. ISP-1920-18-001
Applicants Hong Kong Environmental Protection and Recycle Industry Sustainable Development Association Limited
Summary of Project Results

• This project is the extension of application no. ISP-1920-16-001.
• In view of the waste paper export price has been volatile and driven down drastically in year 2019, the economic incentive solely by the market is not sufficient to drive the frontline recyclers/scavengers to collect waste papers on street, which could affect the small recycling firm to sustain their business and provoke another waste paper crisis.
• The applicant proposed the project to set up an economic incentive scheme to support their operating cost which could in turn stabilize the waste paper prices for frontline recyclers/scavengers, as well as to improve the quality of the collected waste paper.
• The project assisted the street corner shops by establishing a five-tier incentives. The participants of the incentive scheme could get a monetary provisional assistance in a half-monthly basis based on their scale of recycling operation by benchmarking their half-monthly waste paper collection amount reaching a certain level.
• The participants also needed to pledge that their waste paper collected could meet a certain standard of moisture content to enhance its quality and it would be monitored through cooperating with the exporters.
• The applicant increased manpower, used an e-platform for data collection and provided monetary incentive to street corner shops in the project. More than 130 recyclers benefited through the scheme.

Commencement Date 01-Feb-2020
Completion Date 15-May-2020
Project Duration (Months) 3.5
Approximate Approved Amount (HKD) $15,000,000
Type(s) of Recyclables Waste paper
Target Quantity Processed(1)(2)(3)(tonnes) Nil
Project Website

(1) Target quantity processed refers to the quantity of recyclables expected to be collected for the whole project.
(2) The figures are rounded to the nearest hundred.
(3) Some Industry Support Programmes aim to enhance the overall capability and productivity of the recycling industry, including providing training courses to enhance the skills of recycling practitioners, enhancing safety and health standards and certification/ registration schemes, developing guidelines and setting up economic incentive schemes, etc., and therefore no target quantity processed was set.