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Project Details

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Project Details
Project Details
Reference No. ISP-1718-07-003
Applicants Environmental Association Limited
Summary of Project Results

The applicant conducted a trial programme to collect community recyclables with the adoption of reverse vending machines (RVM) and point redemption scheme with a view to analyse  the business viability and collection efficiency of such collection model.

The major tasks of this project include project mainly focused on the followings:
• Set up Recycling stations (Reverse Vending Machine, RVM) with incentive/rewards in different communities to encourage residents to recycle at these stations for sorted materials
• Collect 2 types of recycled materials (including: aluminium cans and plastic beverage bottles) by RVM
• Record recycling history and user recycling habits data through the installation of a real-time monitoring and recording system in RVM
• Collect data, analyse and share experience with the recycling industry and relevant stakeholders

Project Deliverables Case Sharing: Reverse Vending Machine (In Chinese Only)
Commencement Date 19-Apr-2018
Completion Date 18-Oct-2020
Project Duration (Months) 30
Approximate Approved Amount (HKD) $2,490,000
Type(s) of Recyclables Waste plastics, waste metals
Target Quantity Processed(1)(2)(3)(tonnes) <100

(1) Target quantity processed refers to the quantity of recyclables expected to be collected for the whole project.
(2) The figures are rounded to the nearest hundred.
(3) Some Industry Support Programmes aim to enhance the overall capability and productivity of the recycling industry, including providing training courses to enhance the skills of recycling practitioners, enhancing safety and health standards and certification/ registration schemes, developing guidelines and setting up economic incentive schemes, etc., and therefore no target quantity processed was set.