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Protection of the Project Data Confidentiality

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Application and Fund Disbursement Process


Applications received will be assessed according to the following procedures:

a. Upon receipt of an application, the Secretariat will send an interim reply to the applicant to acknowledge receipt of the application. The Secretariat will conduct an initial assessment of all applications and may seek clarification or request supplementary information from the applicants and / or other related parties during the vetting process as necessary. However, it should be noted that applicants should provide the best and fullest information in their applications, and the Secretariat is not obliged to request additional information from applicants. On-site meetings or inspections may be conducted to verify the provided information and the applicant shall allow and facilitate the Secretariat in conducting these meetings or inspections. The Secretariat may seek views from relevant government departments from public policy perspectives.

b. The Advisory Committee on Recycling Fund (RFAC), chaired by a non-official and comprising of non-official members drawn from different sectors relevant to the promotion of waste reduction and recycling, will further assess all applications having regard to the results of the initial assessment by the Secretariat. The RFAC will formulate its recommendations on the approval or otherwise of the applications, the amount to be supported and the terms and conditions for approving the funding, for consideration by the Government.

c. The Government, represented by the Environmental Protection Department (EPD), will further assess all applications having regard to the recommendations of the RFAC. Based on the advice of the RFAC, EPD would decide whether to approve the applications.